How can your garden protect your home?

Your outdoor space can prove to provide you with plenty of protection. So much so, that even the British police has released an official list of protective plants, hedges and trees which are advised to be kept in any garden. Indeed nature has its ways to provide with enough protection without the need for expensive lock systems or additional help from Bournemouth locksmith services. Let's see a few of these plants hereby:

The types of the best hedges along the fences:

Hedges, bushes which are dense and thorny can be used as fantastic deterrents for any uninvited visitors to enter the house. In addition, many of these hedges do actually have lovely flowers and therefore can serve as a great addition to your garden. Also, these are all evergreen, which means they will stand undeterred also during the wintertime. Let's see some of the most popular examples to hedges:

  • Blackthorn
  • Firethorn
  • Holly hedging
  • Red Barberry
  • Hawthorn

The lendght of thorns can overpass 2 inches which means that noone would ever want to get inside in any of these hedges. In the case of holly it’s the leaves which are the most dangerous. In addition, they can prove excellent nesting for a couple of types of birds and small mammals.

These hedges are easy to plant they mostly thrive in any soil and they can also be ordered instantly with planting. Which means, you won’t only get them delivered they will also be instantly planted where you would like them to be.

Pine trees:

Pine trees don’t only look fantastic throughout the whole year, they can also prove to be excellent to deter anyone from climbing them. Thanks to the spikey leaves, you cannot climb a pine tree neither hide in them. This makes them ideal to be an addition to any garden. There are tons of different types of pine trees with each one looking very attractive on its own right. Our favorite is mountain pine.

Rose bushes

Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers in any garden, in addition they have their own level of being quite dangerous for everyone wanting to get close to them. Roses are spiky. While some species are less spiky, others are even spikier. These serve as lovely additions to your garden especially around and below any areas which may serve as ways of entering the house. They also look beautiful if planted under the windows. One favorite is the shrub rose.

Fruity deterrents

Several sorts of berries do in fact come with spikes on their bush. Gooseberry, raspberry, elderberry, mulberry all come with thorny plants.

Other popular plants which can act as deterrents include golden bamboo, chinese jujube, giant rhubarb, nettle. Wild plants and flowers can also prove to be extremely deterrents to anyone to get close to them such as thistle or poison ivy.

While certified locksmiths in Bournemouth can help your home become a much safer place in terms of entrance doors and windows, these lovely plants can dissuade any burglar wanting to get to your house through the garden or yard areas.