digital locks

Smart lock disadvantages

Everything has two sides (at least) and whatever advantages one thing may have, it will always be paired up with disadvantages too. Let’s take a look at some of these.

It’s still very expensive

Smart lock is a very expensive system. It’s no wonder that it’s only used by offices, commercial buildings and hospitality facilities. For most of us such lock would cost at least 2-3 times as much as a regular lock would do and this excludes the installation costs. In addition, the warranty is a double edged sword, as it’s two sided: one for the instalment and another for the equipment itself. The one for the equipment is oftentimes only a yearlong warranty. Overlooking this fact may result in quite expensive maintenance costs in the future

Locksmith services in Bournemouth require more time to be familiar enough with their working

Every new technology takes time to be adapted and locksmith services in Bournemouth are no different. Today, it’s generally the larger locksmith services who do commercial jobs are up to date enough to deal and to know about these sorts of locks.

Different sorts of vulnerabilities

We do not yet know fully about all the possible vulnerabilities of these locks. There can be many, only they are different from fully mechanical locks. Let’s see a few examples to these possible issues:

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection: what if it goes away?
  • Bluetooth issues: it’s not that long ago when a huge vulnerability of Nokia devices was accidentally revealed: it came out that its Bluetooth headset connection could in fact be used to penetrate and get into a huge number of devices without any resistance whatsoever. This vulnerability had done so much bad with the brand’s reputation that it could not recover since. How will you know if the Bluetooth connection to these locks cannot be penetrated by someone who is smart enough to take some time and investigate it? How does the antivirus system work for these devices? It’s yet to be revealed.
  • Emergency situations as fire and/or electricity outage: how will the lock exactly react? Is it safe in terms of fire safety?
  • If there is a safety key which has to be used in case of outage or in case the lock’s electronics go wrong, then all in all it means that you still have to have a key with you.
The code is also written down

This means it can in fact get in the wrong hands. Someone may watch over your shoulders as you type the code in or apply the good old baby powder method, which clearly reveals all the most frequently used buttons. However after how many attempts should the system shut down? How to unlock it? These questions largely depend on the lock’s brand itself but it should also be ensured that the future owner gets a proper full training on how to exactly use the lock.