Basements are one of the typical places where break-ins happen. The most general reasons for that is that many basements are only rarely used and they can be easily forgotten about, alongside their window areas. Therefore we thought to give you some useful tips on making your basement less attractive for burglars.

Clear the window areas from plants

Many basement windows are almost fully covered by bushes or any other plants and therefore they become pretty attractive for burglars. This also means it’s easy for them to hide and "work" the window in relative peace. If there is shrubbery around the house, make sure it’s one of those hedges which come with huge thorns to keep any visitors from the area.

Cover the windows in some ways

Although there are countries, like the Netherlands where people traditionally don’t use curtains for their rooms, curtains or all sorts of blinds are pretty useful to hide what’s inside. It’s never good to show off what you have and give a clear view for everyone to just look in and see any possible valuables. The same goes for basements, especially for those, which are used as a storage space for older furniture, unused home appliances or anything in higher value including art collections of any kind. If you don’t want to install curtains, work with window stickers, which will not only hide what’s on the inside, they also can look pretty attractive too.

Place alarm system stickers on your basement window and front facing windows

Most burglars do not want to know for sure that you are using an alarm system therefore even the stickers are likely to keep them away. These also serve you when your home does not have a security system. However, if you decide to get an alarm system installed, get in touch with any larger, certified locksmith services in Manchester who can assist you.

It’s useful to replace the window glass of your basement windows

As basement windows are normally hidden, they can also become pretty vulnerable for burglary even when they are closed as burglars may easily break the windows to get in. This is why it’s pretty useful to get shatter-proof glasses in your basement windows (ground –floor windows are all advised to have this glass). It might be expensive but it will pay off on the longer haul. If you really cannot afford to get your glass replaces, purchase a protective film to stick on them which almost works the same way and can make your windows a hard nut to crack for the burglars.

Work the sill of the basement window with sharp tools or with a cacti garden

Cactus is some of the most unattractive plant for burglars as touching it is a pretty hurtful experience, especially those species which come with specific thorns which are extremely hard to get out. These can work very well placed right in the sill of any window.