digital locks

Digital lock advantages

Digital locks are used more and more frequently by households, however still there are many people who would prefer to use the mechanical locks instead. Hereby we thought to enlist some of the pros and cons of digital locks to help you consider getting them or not getting them.

Digital locks are also called keyless locks as they generally work with a code you need to dial in in order for it to let you in. They rather resemble safe locks. However you will also happen to spot a keyhole in them. These are to be used in case of emergency, such as outages or battery running down to overrun the system.

Smart locks –the recent upgrades of digital locks

Today’s upgraded digital locks are called smart locks. You need an additional app and a special lock which works in correlation with this app. With the app you can manage who can unlock the door, what codes work for the door and you can also change codes. This way you are always sort of connected to your lock. The most modern smart digital locks can even have whole camera systems and alarm systems connected all working together but the time is yet to come for most of us to be able to afford this solution.

Let’s see some of the advantages of digital locks

  • You don’t need a key: no more worries about keys (although it’s safe to still keep one that can be reached in the case of any electric outage) all you need is a code in order to get in. This is more convenient in many ways.
  • You can easily call for help or ask someone to go over without the need of someone having to collect the keys from somewhere. This is especially useful when you are away for a longer period of time. This way, it is more practical.
  • The ease to change the code as and when you want to: the code can be updated even on a daily level. This will make the lock system even more secure. On top of it all with the smart digital lock you can also set up temporary locks which expire after a pre-defined amount of time.
  • These locks with their emergency key holes well tucked away are way harder to penetrate than other locks. This way, they basically lock out the chances of having them opened by kicking them in. Of course it is another question what exact lock does a smart lock system operate with.
  • These locks are good for fire safety reasons too, as they can be conveniently opened as you do with a deadbolt from the outside.

Pay attention to the warranty:

Pay attention to the warranty:Smart locks of course also have their own share of mechanical work, in the end of the day they are just like any other locks, only their unlocking and locking works differently. Most of the manufacturers and locksmith services in Bournemouth offer two different sorts of a warranty for these products. While the warranty for the mechanical work can be several years long, even a lifetime warranty, the one for the electronic part can only be a yearlong warranty.